Starting anew

I’m a bead hoarder and find that I have the hardest time starting a new project. I spend hours searching for the perfect focal, colorway and design only to come upon another focal and start the process over again!

The itch to bead embroidery arose over the Holiday when I happened upon a Facebook post from Kinga Nichols expressing that she had a few of her Winter bead boxes still available and up for grabs, I grabbed one and patiently waited (HA!) for the box to arrive. Sometimes you just need a spark to get those ideas percolating through your grey matter. For me that usually happens when some elements of the process are already there and waiting. It enables my mind to relax and the creative process to kick in and say, “Get your needle and thread we have beading to do!” So I have started 2018 with a needle, some Fireline and a box of inspiration.

Happy New Year!

-S.E. Russick

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